What we are, where do we come from...

We are specialists in alternative investments and that is the only investments we are working with. Our head office is located in Luxembourg since 2009. Originally working as a product provider for the industry. Our operation in Sweden (www.bancopension.se) focus on helping small and medium sized companies and their owners with alternative pension plans. The persons behind our company has more than 20 years experience from the business.

For a long time we have been working with high net worth individuals and business owners helping them to stable and safe investments with good profit margins. The products and companies we work with as suppliers all go through a screening process in order to secure that they all are up to the standard that we require. All of our products are limited in numbers. We see a growing demand for alternative investments.

More and more investors who see the way traditional investments are working with fees etc agrees that this is not in line of fairness and benefit. We want to take part in changing the way investments work, so that investments benefits the investor.

Initially we start by asking you questions about your present financial situation, what your goals are and what you have done so far to reach them. Next step is our questionnaire about your experience and level of risk. and your knowledge of financial instruments. This we do because we want to make sure on which level you are, and it makes it easier for us to suggest the right investment for you.

After evaluation of your experience and knowledge and your goals, we will suggest the right investment for you. In our portfolio we have a variety of different products and you can rest assure that you will get a suggestion that suits your needs.

After Sales

We take big pride in our after sale routines. We will follow up on your investment when it´s placed and on a regular basis. Our skilled back office staff is only a phone call or email away from answering your questions. Your advisor has a company duty to be in contact with you minimum 4 times a year. All contacts made to our clients are logged in our system in order to make sure contacts are held on a regular basis.

“No fees, hidden or otherwise. No correlation to the stock market.”