Alternative Investments

Alternative investments have in a way been around for many years. Take forrest as an example, money has been made out of that for a long time. Long before funds etc was even invented. Same with real estate.

Real Estate

BancoCapital are in the real estate sector but a little different and in our opinion a little better. What we have done is taken out the downside of owning real estate. No worries about tenants or fixing broken water pipes. But still with returns of 10-15% a year on your investment. We offer investments in various housing projects in the U.K and in the U.S.A all with the same structure. You invest a sum of money, get security on your investment and the income from the rent. Easy and without any worries. The properties we are working with are student accommodations, office premises with strong and well reputable contractors and developers.

Classic Cars

Now who would think a car could be a good investment? Most people say its one of the worst. True in many cases when it comes to new cars. But classic cars is the winner among alternative investments. With a strong 470% growth in the past ten years there is no index beating that. Even if you are not very much into cars it´s hard not to look at the performance from an investment point of view. By using a well thought of strategy and the right contacts cars can be purchased at the right price. After purchased they are stored in safe storage places with the right humidity and other conditions. Typically a investment in cars last 4-5 years after the car is put on the market for a sale. The profits are then split among the investors. In a way it´s like buying a dream car for a fraction of it´s cost.


The usage and importance of the Internet is growing by every year and it´s getting more and more important in our lives, for good and for bad. As an investment opportunity the Internet is perfect. Low cost combined with a huge market makes it an interesting choice. The path that we have chosen is not a very known one. Rather than buying companies working with software, we have chosen to see each website as a company. In the traditional world a company is bought with around 5 times its yearly profit. An Internet site is bought with 1-2 years profit. And here is where the interesting opportunity is. If you see a webpage like a business then the return of invested capital is less than half of a company. Profit wise a Internet page has all the advantages, no office space, very small costs compared to the profit. Some might argue that who buys websites but the fact is that the trade with websites is growing. We do have very good contacts with brokers both in the U.S.A and in the U.K

Collectibles & Autographs

This might be a very strange way of investments at the first glance. But when one is looking on the growth of this investment class it´s gaining in popularity around the world. Why? The supply is very limited. An item owned by a famous person or an autograph by someone who dosen´t live anymore, can not be made again. As an example; Niel Armstrong, the first man on the moon, his autograph has gone up in value +1700% during the past 15 years. Yes, that´s 1700%. If we combine the 40 most popular autographs during 10 years the performance is some 400%. The numbers are all verified from auction results. How is this possible? Well, a huge demand is coming from the BRIC countries where there is a growing well off middle class who have a distrust in the banking system and place money in other investments. But the interest is also strong from the western world. As all alternative investments it attracts investors due to it´s nature of No fees and Stable returns.

Unlisted Companies ( IPO)

Unlisted companies in the use as an Alternative Investment can be done in two ways. Either the company is issuing a Bond with an attractive interest or the company is selling shares for a future introduction to the stock market a.k.a getting listed. By issuing a bond the company is looking for external capital for an expansion as an alternative for a financing through a bank. What is important when buying corporate bonds is the level of security they offer for the loan since bonds are basically a loan between you and the company. When it comes to the purchase of shares it´s more a question of what the company is doing and the projections of the future. Many companies that are big today started out as seeking external capital.

Welcome to a different investment world. A world without any fixed fees and recurring costs. A world where performance is the pay check for all involved. A world where investors and providers are working for the same goal. This is our world and we would like to share it with you.

“No fees, hidden or otherwise. No correlation to the stock market.”